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О компании:
Infopulse is one of the leading Ukrainian software development, IT services companies. Today's Infopulse employs more than 650 professionals. If you are interested in joining the Infopulse team, please view the list of our current vacancies.
Открытые вакансии компании:
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Вакансия Зарплата Дата Регион
HR Manager 30.03.17 Киев
Middle-to-Senior PHP developer 24.03.17 Киев
Junior to Middle QA Engineer 23.03.17 Киев
Middle\Senior .NET Software Engineer 23.03.17 Киев
Middle Android Developer 22.03.17 Львов
Full Stack .NET Developer 22.03.17 Киев
Marketing Copywriter 20.03.17 Киев
Commercial Assistant 14.03.17 Киев
Senior BA 14.03.17 Киев
Sharepoint Administrator 14.03.17 Киев
Senior Android Developer 14.03.17 Львов
Front End Developer- Angular 2 13.03.17 Киев
Front End Developer 13.03.17 Киев
Voice Fraud Specialist 09.03.17 Киев
Senior\Middle .NET Developer (WPF, WCF) for Bosch 07.03.17 Киев
Senior FrontEnd/Fullstack Developer 07.03.17 Киев
Java Developer (Spring) 07.03.17 Киев
Security Operations Specialist 06.03.17 Киев
Senior Navision Developer 03.03.17 Киев
Network Documentation team assistant 03.03.17 Киев
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