JBW Soft
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О компании:
We have a very unique approach to help startups and early-stage companies to get the help they need. Our own founders are entrepreneurs and are involved in mentoring and investing startups.
Открытые вакансии компании:
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Вакансия Зарплата Дата Регион
Junior account manager 26.03.17 Киев
Front-end developer 24.03.17 Киев
Middle PHP Developer 24.03.17 Киев
Online Marketing Manager 16.03.17 Киев
Web Analytics Manager 13.03.17 Киев
UX Specialist (prototyping) 13.03.17 Киев
Офис-менеджер 06.03.17 Киев
Web-designer 05.03.17 Киев
Senior SEO Specialist 45000 грн. 01.03.17 Киев
Project Manager 28.02.17 Киев
Junior iOS Developer 28.02.17 Киев
Junior Affiliate Manager 27.02.17 Киев
IT Sales Intern 27.02.17 Киев