JBW Soft
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О компании:
We have a very unique approach to help startups and early-stage companies to get the help they need. Our own founders are entrepreneurs and are involved in mentoring and investing startups.
Открытые вакансии компании:
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Вакансия Зарплата Дата Регион
Project Manager Assistant 25.04.18 Киев
Администратор офиса 23.04.18 Киев
UX Designer 19.04.18 Киев
Помощник системного администратора 17.04.18 Киев
UI Designer 13.04.18 Киев
Junior Web Developer 10.04.18 Киев
PPC Specialist 05.04.18 Киев
IT Sales Intern 03.04.18 Киев
Head of Sales 03.04.18 Киев
Mobile Marketing Manager 28.03.18 Киев
Linkbuilder 24.03.18 Киев