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Plexteq is a Ukraine-based company doing custom software development. We focus on enterprise, highly loaded applications, games (we have own engines for multiplayer games), mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android) and web-applications (Java, Grails). We also have extensive experience and expertise in business intelligence, processing massive data amounts and in data mining in particular.

We are following ISO 9001 and CMMI v3 guidelines to make process of software development cleaner and more clear to our customers.

We are agile we deliver frequently and work with changing requirements to meet your goals. We use Scrum process for project management.

We use component-based approach for software development. We have a set of software components that can be reused in your projects. This allows to save time and efforts, and to complete your projects faster and for a reduced price. It also helps to bring quality to the higher level as components are reused in different projects, and so are tested and documented extensively. We also use open source technologies that fit your needs.
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Middle Android Developer 10.01.20 Винница
Senior DevOps Engineer 10.01.20 Винница